Know what's going on and keep your team in sync.

Time tracking and status reporting
that make your team better.

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Paul tracked 7 hours today.
Hellen is struggling with a challenge.
Eric achieved this awesome thing.
Weekly update
Amy's happiness is down this week.

Cut through the noise.

Stop wasting time finding out what’s going on,
start spending time acting on it.

turn a mess…

turn this...

…into a harmony

turn this...

See what you need to act on.

It's easy to take action when you see what's happening in time.


Track time

Track time spent on
important tasks and projects.


Remove obstacles

Get problems out in the open.
Then fix them.


Celebrate wins

Share wins big and small.
Celebrate together.

Weekly update

Listen and act

Hear from your team and
let them be heard.

How ReportNest works?

Everyone tracks time, shares their progress,
reflects on the week, and gets feedback.

1. Track time

Keep a track of everybody’s efficiency
— every single day.

2. Track what's happening

Everyone shares their progress, challenges,
and achievements throughout the week.

3. Reflect on what happened

On Friday each team member rates their
week and answers a few simple questions.

4. Give feedback

Managers review weekly updates to provide
feedback and coaching.

What can you expect?


Increased productivity

Clearly defined goals help everyone stay focused on what needs to be done to move things forward.


Engaged team

Sharing progress, challenges, and wins transparently leads to improved sense of togetherness.


Regular communication

Open 1-on-1 communication builds trust, which improves happiness, motivation, and employee's morale.

Make your team more
engaged and your life a breeze.