Understand what's
going on.

Be in the loop on how your people feel. See what they’re working on,
what they’ve achieved, and what's slowing them down.

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Everything you need to build forward momentum.

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Work on things that matter.

Stop wasting time on things that don't move you forward. Set top priorities for each week and start ramping up productivity to new levels.

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Don’t let problems pile up.

Identify and remove roadblocks as they show up. Anyone can help resolve challenges — once they get visible. Everyone should.

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Never let wins go unnoticed.

Recognize extra effort, celebrate achievements, and strengthen your organizational core values. Be it big or small, peer-to-peer or self-initiated, let it be known.

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Weekly updates

Stop waiting for annual reviews.

Give today’s feedback today! Have meaningful conversations with your people each week, and boost team morale one week at a time.


Get regular insights into everything that matters.


Have everything that actually matters in one place. Know what's happening throughout the week without having to ask.

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    See what everyone is focusing on this week.
  • Challenge icon
    Be aware of problems as they come up.
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    Praise team members for jobs well done.

Weekly reviews

Ditch outdated annual performance reviews. Have regular, weekly check-ins that will transform you into a coach your team needs. Empower managers in your organization to do the same.

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    Listen to what your people have to say.
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    Provide regular feedback and act on it.

Make your team more
engaged and your life a breeze.